Cambodia: Deputy Country Director

Organization: Action Against Hunger-USA
Country: Cambodia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uganda, South Sudan
Closing date: 09 May 2014

Location (Country & Base): Multiple Countries

Contract duration: 12 months

Specific Objectives:

Objective 1: Strategic Development & Technical Integration


  • Work with the Country Director to provide leadership to the development and maintenance of a comprehensive needs-based program strategy for ACF programming
  • Provides strategic direction to the Technical Coordinators, PM's and support the Field Co in ensuring the effective delivery of program activities and the successful integration of activities with all other aspects of ACF programming.
  • Develop an overall program strategy that is responsive to the dynamic needs of the most vulnerable populations built on the program strengths of ACF and globally.
  • Proactively identify new programming opportunities
  • Responsible for the relevance and contextual appropriateness of ACF projects in country.
  • Responsible for the promotion of technical integration and sensitization of staff on its applications.
  • Regular field visits to fieldwork areas and bases and participation in exploratory missions.
  • Capitalization of integration and reporting information and data.
  • Leads on the development and rollout of new and more effective systems to improve program implementation.
  • Regular participation in Coordination meetings at the capital and field level.
  • Regular communication with the advisors at HQ to support an integrated programmatic approach and ensure programs are technically supporting all sectors

Objective 2: Program Quality Insurance


  • Oversee the quality implementation of ongoing programming based on robust grant management and monitoring and evaluation systems and the facilitation of Technical Department.
  • Ensure the MEAL integration and supervise the MEAL Coordinator
  • Ensure that funding for programming is spent in a coherent, transparent and optimal way.
  • In coordination with CD and Coordinators, responsible for the technical briefing and debriefing as well as management of consultants and external specialists arriving to support the mission.
  • Ensure the collection and capitalization by the DCD and Tech coordinators of digital and physical ACF Information on information gathered through HQ reports, ACF programming, partnerships, partners, UN system, clusters, and other avenues of data collection.
  • Ensures Mission Technical Coordination Meetings (MTCMs) happen on a monthly basis, and submits minutes to Country Director and Coordination.
  • Provide formal and informal capacity building trainings to staff.
  • Final Mission-level validation of program and technical guidelines and policies.
  • Ensure that quality to ACF and donor compliance for program, reporting, and financial grant requirements are met.
  • Ensure that monitoring and evaluation of programming informs quality implementation.
  • Coordinate closely with Admin, Security, Log and Field Coordinators to ensure that security, procurement, HR and financial protocols are designed to support quality programming.
  • Closely monitor program spending and follow up spending plans with Finance Co and PMs

Objective 3: Donor Compliance, Reporting and Documentation


  • Lead proposal preparation through a needs based approach ensuring all departments work together
  • Ensure Budget, PPP, Workplan, Budget forecasts, ongoing monitoring and kick off meetings take place for every program
  • Ensure that all programs are compliant with donor protocols and reports are submitted on time to HQ for validation
  • Ensure all donor reports are completed in a timely manner with the relevant input from the field teams and submitted to HQ for validation
  • Ensure that workplans are followed to ensure budget forecasts are met and studies (KAP, RSCA, SMARTs etc.) are planned and executed timely

Objective 4: Representation with external stakeholders


  • Responsible for representation of ACF in partnership-related meetings at a strategic level for workshops, working groups, etc.
  • Lead, in liaison with the CD, partnership proposal preparation through furnishing of evaluation/assessment data and coordination.
  • Identification and evaluation of potential partners and partnerships at country level.
  • Carries out follow-up evaluation of partnership (programming and partner relations), maintains lessons learned and proposes action points for future improvement.
  • Represent ACF to donors, UN and partner INGOs, and national and local government officials (programs).

Objective 5: Human Resources and Career Development


  • Direct manager of the Technical Coordinators and MEAL Coordinator
  • Supervision of externally hired consultants for any program matters
  • Responsible for the validation of technical departmental HR needs for international staff.
  • Responsible for the proper induction and debriefing of managerial staff.
  • Undertake any other tasks assigned by the Country Director

Internal & External relationships


  • Line Manager of: Nut Co, FSL Co, WaSH Co, PQA Co and intern


  • Local representatives of international aid organisations : particularly with other consortia members’ exchange of information as necessary


  • Ensure donor reporting and proposals are completed in time
  • Ensure all technical studies and evaluations are completed



  • Degree in related humanitarian issue



  • Significant experience with INGOs. Previous experience with ACF in emergency and post-emergencies an asset.
  • Excellent management skills (HR, projects, stress management)
  • Advanced knowledge of donors’ guidelines and procedures (ECHO, UNICEF, DFID, OFDA, etc.)
  • Excellent ability to multi task
  • Ability to organize, train and motivate a multicultural team
  • Excellent diplomatic and negotiation skills
  • Disciplined and able to work and arrive at decisions autonomously with minimal guidance.
  • Fluent in English (professional English needed).
  • Excellent drafting and written skills.


  • Advanced Degree Masters
  • Experience in insecure setting
  • Previous experience as Country Director

How to apply:

Apply with resume and cover letter at

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