Kenya: Logistics, Administration and Finance Assistant

Organization: MSF - Holland
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 02 May 2014

Job Profile

JOB TITLE: Logistics, Administration and Finance Assistant
TERMS of EMPLOYMENT: Full time defined term (until September the 30th) with
possible extension option;
SUPERVISOR: Hierarchically accountable to the Resources Manager,
liaises with the Transport and Custom Officer,
Procurement Officer and HR /Finance Officer.
PURPOSE: To support the administration side of Finance, Supply,
Transport, and Warehouse as per operational needs.

2 - General Objectives of the position
A – Finance and Administration
1/ VAT tracking: in close cooperation with transport/customs and finance departments,
follows up VAT returns, exemptions and refunds;
2/ VAT tracking: maintains an up-to-date VAT refund overview and reports to
transport/custom and finance departments;
3/ Administration: photocopies bookkeeping, scans documents, files documents;
4/ Supports the Finance Unit with data entry (bookkeeping), cheques tracking, payments
preparation when needed ;

B - Customs and transport
1/ Export goods process: returns export doc to supplier(s)/ clearing and forwarding agent;
2/ Logistics database management: enters data into logistics database - log7;
3/ Logistics database management: closes export doc in log7;
4/ Transport administration: takes copies weekly and at every end of the month;
5/ Transport administration: organizes documents into folders;
6/ Transport administration: files documents in the designated files;
7/ Supports the Transport and Customs Unit by assisting in preparation of export documents
and transport file (TF); tracing transport related documents; following up endorsed doc with
relevant parties involved;

C- Procurement
1/ Logistics database management: enters data into Logistics Database – Log7;
2/ Procurement administration: files documents and properly maintains the procurement
3/ Liaises with clients and suppliers to expedite orders;
4/ Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Suppliers’ prequalification: follows up the
prequalification process, arrange meetings, keeps the Suppliers archives in tidy order;

1/ Operations: supervises in/offsite loading/offloading upon request;
2/ Operations: assists with creating packing lists and other documents as required;
3/ Logistics database management: supports Warehouse Control Officer receiving goods
(physical and in Logistics Database – Log7) and preparing cargos (picking, packing,
dispatching, etc.);
4/ Supports Warehouse operations when needed;
1/ performs any other task if required to do so.


  • Ability to organize and prioritise workload independently, using initiative when
  • Highly Accurate;
  • Managerial Skills;
  • Able to work with and implement Standard Operating Procedures and Organization
    specific standards;
  • Excellent computer literacy: excel, access, word. ERP systems knowledge is a plus
  • Good command of English and Swahili, both written and spoke
    • Pleasant and polite attitude at all times; ability to reflect the professional standards
      of MSF-OCA
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision as part of multi-cultural and multidisciplinary
  • Interest in and commitment to MSF’s activities, ability to represent MSF to others
  • Diploma, Advanced/Diploma in Finance, Supply, Logistics or related fields;
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant working experience;
  • Willingness to work extra hours even on weekends according to needs raising fromoperations.

How to apply:

Email ; nsc-capitallog@oca.msf

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