Kenya: Kenya/Somalia – Regional Finance Controller & HR Coordinator – Nairobi

Organization: Solidarités International
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 31 May 2014

The Kenya/ Somalia mission does not follow a classic set up. There are two different missions followed by the same coordination team. Kenya and Somalia contexts are different: even though security can be volatile in some part of Kenya, access is still possible whereas it is restricted in Somalia.


In Kenya, SI is implementing a water facility project funded by EuropeAid until May 2014. SI is currently developing a resilience/DRR project until March 2016 funded by DFID. Both projects are implemented in Marsabit County in a semi-arid and pastoralist context.

SI is currently seeking to pursue a DRR project in Mandera County (in remote management due to high level of insecurity).


SI has been implementing projects in Southern Somalia since 2007. SI’s programme in Somalia focuses on resilience building and emergency response in the sectors of WASH, food security and livelihoods.

SI is present in Galgaduud, Gedo and Lower Juba regions. Due to insecurity, Somalia is not accessible for expatriates and all the programmes are managed through a remote management set-up.

Organization of the mission:

The Kenya/Somalia mission opened in March 2007 and currently includes the following intervention areas:


  • Marsabit programme (arid lands/pastoral context)
  • Mandera programme (arid lands/pastoral context- insecure area: suspended due to funding issues)


  • Gedo programme (arid lands/riverine/pastoral context- conflict zone)
  • Lower Juba programme (arid lands/pastoral context- conflict zone: currently suspended due to funding issues)
  • Galgaduud programme (arid lands/pastoral context- conflict zone)

Number of Expatriates: 7
Number of National staff: 136

Funding/Donor Partners:

  • Somalia: ECHO, OFDA, French Cooperation, UNICEF, UN-CHF
  • Kenya: EuropeAid, DFID


The Regional Finance Controller & HR Coordinator will direct and coordinate all Human Resources, accounting, financial services and audit procedures associated with the mission.

He/she will take part in defining SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL (SI) human resources policy, and ensure that it is followed.

As coordinator, he/she is responsible for the mission’s financial balance and for the financial internal control.

He/she will monitor adherence to SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL accounting/financial/administrative procedures and donor procedures as well as to the laws of the country in which intervention is taking place.

He/she is the point of reference for the mission, and the link between headquarters and the mission for all financial and HR matters.

Specific objectives of the position:

  • Ensure the smooth running of the finance/HR department through the good implementation and use finance/HR tools with the team.
  • Support in trainings the future log/admin manager in North Horr;
  • Provide support to admin managers team through workshop;
  • Implement the training policies that have been written/ the grievances policies/ the external HR survey for salary grid benchmark.

Finance/ HR contexts:

The current admin coordinator worked on empowering capacities of the finance management team. She trained and spread knowledge among field team and coordination team. She also worked on reinforcing the team at coordination level by recruiting a finance manager.

The coordination is based in Nairobi and manages two different missions: Kenya and Somalia. Somalia mission is a specific context as operations are managed in remote. Due to extreme risks of kidnapping of expatriates, access is restricted to Kenyan-Somalis and Somali staff.

One of the tasks of the admin coordinator will be to support the new Log/Admin manager. Regular field visit are highly required.


  • At Nairobi level: 1 admin/HR coordinator, 1 finance manager, 1 finance officer.
  • Somalia: 2 log/admin managers (+ 2 logistics assistants)
  • Kenya: 1 log/admin manager

Specific context of the area in which the expatriate will be working:

Main working location: Nairobi with travel to field sites in Kenya and in Somalia (field bases or safe meeting places). Nairobi isrelatively safe, although precautions must be taken, especially at night time. Main risks are from vehicle accidents, mugging, and hijackings. The threat of acts of terrorism is currently high.

Current field visit locations and their security context: The admin coordinator is expected to undertake at least 1 visit outside Nairobi every 4 weeks, with a usual duration of 3-4 days.

  • Marsabit: Security risks in Marsabit are generally low, but the risk from vehicles accident is higher than in Nairobi. There is also a moderate risk of banditry on some routes in Marsabit. Clashes between Kenyan tribes have recently occurred but have not affected our areas of intervention.
  • Mandera town and Takaba town support bases located in Mandera County (Kenya): High risk of abduction compared to the rest of Kenya. In case of a field trip in the area, strict procedures are followed and security clearance must be provided before planning a field trip.
  • Dadaab (Kenya) support base (supporting Lower Juba programme): High risk of abduction compared to the rest of Kenya, but SI’s office/accommodation is located in the main UNHCR compound, which is considered very secure. Security clearance must be given in order to access the area.
  • Meeting points inside Somalia: Ad hoc visits to conduct workshop and training for the Somalia based team could be conducted in secured locations. Assessments will be soon implemented. The admin coordinator is expected to go to these meeting points.



Bachelor degree in finance, accounting, administration, or related field


  • 2 to 5 years of experience within an International NGO;
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in a similar position, at coordination level in an international context;
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in managing institutional donors contracts and budgets (budget construction rules, reporting , administrative/financial negotiations, etc.) especially the French cooperation (CIAA, CDC), the UN agencies (UNICEF, UNHCR, CHF) and the European Commission’s institutions (ECHO and EuropeAid);
  • Experience in managing audits and internal control;
  • Experience in team management, trainings, and planning;
  • Previous experience of remote management context is an advantage.

Technical skills and knowledge:

  • Good knowledge of financial guidelines of the major institutional donors (EU, ECHO, DFID, OFDA, CIAA, CDC, French institutions, UNHCR,UNICEF);
  • Good knowledge of financial and HR reporting to the major institutional donors (EU, ECHO, DFID, OFDA, CIAA, CDC, French institutions, UNHCR,UNICEF);
  • Good knowledge of SAGA and Homere;
  • Good knowledge of Excel (PTT, formulas, etc.);
  • Good interpersonal skills when dealing with auditor firms


  • Fluent in English (written, spoken, read). French is an asset.

Base: Nairobi
Starting date: 20th June 2014
Contract duration: 1 year minimum

CONDITION:Salaried post

CONTACT:Mano GAUDIN, Recruitment and Follow Up Officer

How to apply:

CV et Cover Letter

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