Guinea: Tostan Volunteer Program

Organization: Tostan
Country: Guinea, Senegal
Closing date: 01 Jun 2014

The Africa Volunteer Program is a great way to gain experience while working to empower communities across Africa. We encourage applicants 18 years and older from anywhere in the world to apply. College/university students, recent graduates, and Masters and Ph.D. candidates are especially welcome. We ask for a minimum commitment of one year and the possibility to stay for two years or more. Placements are full-time and competitive.

Tostan covers housing and weekday lunches and provides a small monthly stipend for all our volunteers. We rely on volunteers to cover expenses incurred during travel between the volunteer's home country and work country, medical costs, and other personal incidentals. Open positions:

Assistant to the National Coordinator, Guinea Conakry

Assistant to the Peace and Security Initiative

Assistant to the Project "Reinforcing Parental Practices"

Assistant to the Prison Project

Regional Volunteer, Senegal

For more information, visit our Website and look into the volunteer job descriptions.

How to apply:
  1. Start by reading our Costs & Considerations document and FAQ.
  2. You can then complete and submit ourAfrica Volunteer Program Application Form. Keep in mind that the form must be completed in one sitting, so prepare materials ahead of time. After submitting the form, you should see a confirmation message. If you don't, please contact us.
  3. Once you have submitted it, send the following materials to the Volunteer Coordinator (
    -Letter of motivation
    -Most current CV or résumé
  4. 2 short writing sample(s), one in English and one in French: 1-3 pages, non-fiction, on a development-related or Africa-related subject of your choice.
  5. The Volunteer Coordinator will confirm receipt of your completed volunteer application.
  6. Finally, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact promising candidates with an invitation to interview approximately two weeks after the application deadline. Final decisions are sent by e-mail two months before the start date.
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